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    Injectables / Treatments Pricing

    by Dr Muslim Ekemen

    Botox 3 Areas £270
    Teosyal Filler 1ml £270
    Restylane Filler 1ml £270
    Juvederm Filler 1ml £270
    Tear Trough Filler £330 (goz alti isik dolgusu) £330
    Non-Surgical Nose Job (Ameliyatsiz burun estetigi) £290
    PRP (facial or for hair-loss) £290
    Mesotherapy (facial or for hair-loss) £230
    French Thread £1500

    Eyebrows Pricing

    HD Brows £30
    Brow wax/shape only £20
    Upper lip waxing/threading £12
    Chin waxing/threading £12

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